WinBird and Winspeed Race Calculation Software

The CRPU National Awards Database will accept race results from the WindBird and AU Winspeed race calculation software.  Winspeed can be obtained from the American Racing Pigeon Union (AU).  Anyone wishing to use it should visit the AU website for further updates and information.



The WinBird race program is race calculating software supplied by the CRPU to its member clubs.

This update will work on computers running on a 64 bit or 32 bit system.   On WINDOWS 7 computers WINBIRD 2011 BUILD 1.1 First Time Installation must be installed in  C:      NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL IN C:PROGRAM FILES/    This is a complete WinBird program and an update is not needed at this time.                  

WINBIRD 2011 Build 1.1 First Time Installation

This is an update for computers that are running XP, WINDOWS 7 or VISTA computers using WINBIRD 2010 BUILD 2.0 or older. This UPDATE will bring everyone up to the same version of WinBird. 

WINBIRD 2011 Build 1.1. Update.


WinBird Manuals and Instructions

The files below are PDF files and Adobe PDF reader is required to view them.  It is available for free here

To download a copy of any of the files, right click on the link and go to "save target as".

How to download Unikon into WinBird

How to download Tipes to WinBird

How to Import Electronic Clocks into WinBird

How to Update WinBird

WinBird Manual

WinBird Guide

WinBird King Bird

WinBird Champion Bird

WinBird Champion Loft

WinBird Average Speed

WinBird Combine and Federation Results

Sending WinBird Race Results to CRPU

Starting a New Year in WinBird