Beyers Reload – 1L
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Beyers Reload – 1L


  • recovery liquid solution
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Size: 1000ml
- liquid solution with the main essential amino acids, electrolytes, minerals and oligo elements
- contains the main essential amino acids for pigeons: lysine and methionine, which boost the
effectiveness of the proteins in the feed, and glutamine, which is important for the muscles and
is regarded as a major food source for the intestinal cells.
- by eliminating waste products from the body thanks to the addition of choline and by
replenishing consumed salts (potassium chloride, sodium chloride) and minerals
(calcium, magnesium), this will help your pigeons to recuperate faster.
- sodium selenite pentahydrate is a source of selenium, which is an essential oligo-element in
the diet and supports good metabolism. Other oligo-elements in chelate form (zinc, copper)
ensure optimal absorption of the nutrients from the feed.
- fast (dextrose) and slow sugars (maltodextrin) provide an energy boost after their return
- 30 ml / 2 l drinking water
- throughout the entire year: 2 x per week
- during racing season: the first 2 days after returning home

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