Acid-Pak 4-Way – 500g
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Acid-Pak 4-Way – 500g


500 GRAMS   $ 14.98       This is the size available to purchase online. 250 GRAMS   $   7.49      call office for item and shipping cost 519-842-9771 1 KG               $ 29.95       call office for item and shipping cost 519-842-9771

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  • DO NOT administer an electrolyte product with AcidPac 4 Way.
    SKU: 380L
    Size: 500g
    - Acid-Pak 4-Way® is a unique combination of buffered acidifiers, lactic acid-producing bacteria,
    enzymes and electrolytes. Adding it to drinking water or completed feed is an effective approach
    to acidification, which promotes gut health, especially when intake is low or variable.
    - It is designed to help “feed the gut” equip birds with the best foundation for healthy growth
    and build natural defenses.
    Features and benefits:
    - Maintains optimum pH and water balance
    - Supports enzyme activity and activates protein, starch and fiber digestion
    - Maintains optimum conditions for digestion in the stomach and small intestine
    - Supports the gut microbial population

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