Fledgling Racer Program

About this Program

The Fledgling Racer Program is made up of experienced racing Pigeon Fanciers who volunteer to help beginners in their 2nd year of flying, with advice by mail, email and phone, on how to race Pigeons. Many good flyers & breeders across Canada donate their time (and sometimes even birds) to help improve a beginner's chances of winning diplomas in their second year.

Often the Beginners and Mentors can establish lasting relationships that can span more than the one year a beginner is in the program. Moreover, many beginners can polish their skills to the point that they can soon mentor in the same program that helped them.

One on One help is the Real Opportunity of this program. Ask the how to questions of feeding, training, breeding, and medication with someone who wants you to be successful and who wants you to enjoy the sport. The answers are not complicated coming from someone who understands the problems that may occur, especially since that someone has 'been there and done that' generally before.

Qualification Requirements

  • You Must Belong to an CU Affiliated Club & be a CU Member in good standing.
  • You Must have Flown One, and Only One, Old or Young Bird Racing Season.
  • You Must maintain a loft in a Clean and Healthy fashion according to the standards as published in the year book.

If you qualify under these conditions, Submit your application for verification to:
Shannon Beadow at the CRPU office.

Fledgling Racer Program Application Forms

Program Application Form

Parental Consent Form

Mentor Application Form

Many Thanks to Linda Joneli, of the AU HAB Program, for the guidance in helping set up this CU Fledgling Racer Program.