Greetings Members,

Hard to believe how quickly time is passing just a few weeks until race season begins. Hope everyone is having a stellar breeding season raising lots of winners for 2022.

We have been very busy at the CRPU and our membership is increasing each year. When we began this journey as executives in 2014 the CU was ready to close its doors thanks to the executives today we have a strong union with our members excited about the CRPU and this great sport.

Remember to make sure you check out your bylaws within your municipality to make sure pigeon keeping is allowed in your city. We have several who have invested in the sport to find out they have bylaw issues. We will work with our members to work with city bylaws. But it is your responsibility to check it out.

We are super excited about the race software and hope each club will get on board and use the program. This race software is for our members and the CRPU executives have worked diligently to make it a reality and special thanks to Jeff Hall and Kyle Thompson for working with us to make this a reality.

Please consider fund raising for our program. There is a cost involved to operate the program and we want to be able to carry the cost without having to raise membership fees or incur costs to use the program. If you noticed there is no charge currently for the program so we are requesting clubs and combines help us out. We are sure when clubs start using the user friendly program they will be excited about it.

We are excited for the race season and wish each and everyone a great season with lots of wins, healthy birds and good weather.

If we can be of any help to you please feel free to contact any one of the executive board members.. We are here for our members.

In the Sport

CRPU Executives

President Jeff Hall, Vice President Ken King, Treasurer Al Gauvin, Executive Secretary Sue Wiltshire, Director Ken Hutchinson.