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Greetings to our Members,

Spring is finally here, now is the time we start thinking about the next race season and breeding our new babies for the young bird race season. But first the old bird season will start in a few months and perhaps for some in the west they start sooner.. Good luck to everyone and we wish you good health and lots of wins. 

So much is going on at the CRPU and it is very busy with bylaws in many cities. Please make sure you adhere to  your local bylaws. If you have a bylaw problem we will assist but you must be ready to work with your municipality as well. Working together we can work to get a bylaw in place that will keep everyone happy so far we have had good luck with municipalities to set up a pigeons bylaw so let’s keep our fingers crossed it will continue as much as we work the municipality has the final say.

We have some concern with bands being purchased from off shore markets and some are using the CU initials on these bands. This is a violation of the CU trademark and anyone who is found to be doing this will face legal action from the CU. Any birds placed in competition must be registered with the CU and must use a band from a recognized organization associated with the CRPU. This helps to keep the integrity of the sport, We ask clubs, combines and OLR please due diligence in this matter and help us by reporting any counterfeit bands.  

Mike VanderJagt has graciously volunteered to take care of CU awards again this year.. Please watch for due dates to send in your results. They will be posted in the  CRPU PigeonPost as well our social page and website. 

Thanks to all our members for their support we appreciate it. Let’s share the sport and get new members to join with us. Pigeon Racing is alive and well in Canada and the CRPU is here to support our members and promote the sport all across this great country. 

CRPU Board of Directors