Message from the CRPU Board

Greetings Members,

We first of all want to welcome all the new members who have joined the union this past year. We see the sport increasing in membership maybe not as quickly as some would like but for every new member we are super excited to have you join us. Pigeon racing is something many are not familiar with and we ask each member to share the sport in their community. You are the reason others want to join the sport.

The CRPU Board has been working at bare bones capacity this past year. There has only been three active board members taking care of the union but the three may not be many but are mighty. We really need new board members to help us out. Consider stepping up to be a part. Please remember this is a commitment to the union and the sport and is not for the faint of heart. There is lots that the board takes care of behind the scenes and if you wish to join us get ready to work for the sport. Team work makes the dream work!

We want to wish each member a successful 2024 race season. Our race software that was needed has become a reality thanks to the current board and Kyle Thompson for helping us make the dream come true. Great things are happening at the CRPU!

We are looking for regional representatives this year to help with issues that might arise in your local area. We would like a representative that has great communication skills, problem solving skills and understands the ins and out of clubs and its members. This representative would be available to assist members with any issues that arise and report back to the board for assistance. This would not be a full time board member position. We would love for volunteers in every province. Consider helping us help you!

Lots of talk about convention races, and conventions. We would love to bring back the CU convention. There is always a road block to this. The main issue is money and time. We are looking for a Promotion Committee that could handle this issue and see if we could bring back something even on a small scale for now but we need the support of our members. Let`s work together and see if we can make this a reality. We need your help!

There is so much more to be done and we need your help. One thing we request is longevity. It is easy to volunteer for a while then give up. We need those who will persevere without quitting. We fully understand those who have joined and then had to give up their positions but we are requesting any member who is considering to join us to be prepared to stay with us for at least two years. We have not had an election since 2014 due to lack of interest. So we persevere on and keep doing the work of the union. Thankful for Ken, Al and Sue who have never waivered in the task at hand. We are looking forward to Jeff returning this year as he has been away on personal issues.

Best wishes to all our members. Here is to a great 2024 at the CU!

In the Sport

CRPU Executives

President Jeff Hall, Vice President Ken King, Treasurer Al Gauvin, Executive Secretary Sue Wiltshire, Director Ken Hutchinson.