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Adopted _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as part of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Inc. Constitution

Expectations are broad statements that reflect our good values, board policies and our mission statement. All rules and consequences will evolve from these stated expectations.

The following ten expectations apply to all the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union activities.

1.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union have the right to be treated with respect, honesty and courtesy. All members can expect equitable treatment regardless of race, gender, culture, language disability or any other attribute.

2.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union have the right to a friendly environment free from violence, prejudice, harassment and all forms of abuse. They can expect disagreements to be settled in a fair, non-violent manner and without the use of threats.

3.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union are expected to personally display and actively encourage positive behavior and cooperation.

4.        It is expected that negative behavior such as profanity, fighting, bullying, theft and vandalism will not be tolerated within our clubs or combine.

5.        It is expected that all communications and interaction between members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union will embody the principles of fairness, openness, consistency and respectfulness.

6.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union are expected to attend meetings, functions, shipping, shows etc. free from impairment by alcohol or drugs.

7.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union can expect a safe environment free of any weapons or dangerous objects.

8.        All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union are expected to treat C.R.P.U property and the possessions of all individuals with respect, care and consideration.

9.        The members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union, specifically the Board of Directors are expected to attend meetings regularly and to be punctual.

10.     All members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union are expected to know and observe the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Constitution.

The Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Inc. Code of Conduct

We recognize the integrity and self worth of all members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union and understand the necessity to accept responsibility for our own actions. A Code of Conduct helps us all understand the ways in which a positive environment is developed. All the members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union have an obligation and responsibility to create and maintain such an environment.
Requirements for all Members

A.      A member shall be diligent in their daily conduct.

B.       Exercise self discipline

C.       Accept such discipline imposed by the appropriate committees

D.      Attend meetings punctually and regularly

E.       Be courteous to fellow members

F.       Show respect for Canadian Racing Pigeon Union property

Our Code of Conduct is intended to reflect a message of respect and common courtesy.  A Discipline Policy is designed to create an atmosphere in which all individuals may compete without any interference.

Consequences have been established for those times when the guidelines are not followed.

The goal of any consequence is to bring about positive change in behavior. The link between the consequence and the inappropriate behavior should be logical and it is hoped that this link is apparent in our ruling. If problems persist intervention may be taken by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union.


It is expected that every person in the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union will be free from harassment by others for any reason; particularly Ethnic and Socioeconomic Differences. Fighting; pushing; and inappropriate language are examples of unacceptable behavior.


Reasons for Expected Behavior

Every individual should be treated with consideration and respect. We should learn to appreciate and understand the many different persons in our society. A positive and tolerant attitude encourages mutual growth and harmony among all individuals and creates an atmosphere of co-operation and trust in which we may compete. Harassment is a form of discrimination and is against the Law under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Consequences of Misbehavior

Inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action; this may include verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension or expulsion.  For example persistent harassment of others may lead to suspension; racial slurs may lead to suspension; fighting may result in suspension; defiance of authority and swearing may result in a suspension.  Members must realize cheating carries very serious consequences. Suspension or expulsion may be considered in cases of a member being caught cheating.

Members that use inappropriate language may be ejected from meeting/ functions and may be required to write a public apology to any offended party. Serious or repeated infractions will lead to suspension.

All CRPU members will treat all Club, Combine and Federation properties such as baskets; trailers etc. with care.  Personal property and the property of others will be treated with respect also.  In taking care of Club, Combine and Federation property and the property of others, members display pride in the CRPU.  They also help to maintain attractive surroundings and useful facilities, which are necessary in keeping the cost of maintenance to a minimum.

If a member damages Club, Combine and Federation Property, he/she is expected to pay for repair or replacement costs.  For example: If a shipping basket is lost or damaged the person or persons responsible will be held liable for replacement or repair.  Intentional damage is a crime and will be dealt with by the Board of Directors or Disciplinary Committee.


On Shipping nights members and their respective Clubs are expected to be ready and to work diligently to see that the trailer may be loaded and depart in a timely fashion. Continued tardiness by a Club may result in pick up privileges being revoked.