The prefixes below are the ones that must be used on the appropriate bands for upload of race results to the CRPU Awards Database.

There is a grace period built into the database that will recognize prefixes not in this list.  The grace period will end when everyone has had a chance to get accustomed to the new way of doing things. 

By next year, 2011, we anticipate that the database development will be advanced enough to kick out bands without the proper prefixes. That doesn't mean the birds will be disqualified. You will have the opportunity to correct any typos etc.

There is a need for consistency when entering band numbers. This ensures that birds will receive credit for all performances. For example the following prefixes would cause the database to recognize the following prefixes for CANADA as different birds. CAN CAND or even CDN which to all of us could logically be used as a prefix for CANADA for the same bird would cause the database to recognize them as three separate band numbers.

We anticipate some growing pains and will make adjustments as they come up.

The link below will open a PDF file which you can either save to your system or print.

Band Prefix List