Universal Performance Rating (UPR) - Defined 

UPR is used by the CRPU, American Racing Pigeon Union and Europeans to score racing pigeon performance within a race.  The UPR is a percentile (%).  
Often the term "Coefficient" is used instead of "UPR" or "percentile".  For the purposes of the CRPU National Ace awards, these terms all mean the same thing.

UPR is always calculated the same way. It is calculated by taking the bird's race position divided by the number of birds in the race, and then converting this to a percentile by multiplying by 100.  The UPR is rounded to 3 decimal places.  The lower the UPR the better, a 1.543 is better than a 10.045.

Unirate - Defined

A "Unirate" is the average of several UPRs.  A short distance bird award, would require that each qualifying birds' UPR be averaged over a required number of short distance races.  A short distance award, would be awarded to birds or lofts (depending on the award), sorted  from the lowest to the highest Unirates.  
Again the term "Coefficient" is used to describe "average UPR", "average Percentile", or "Unirate".  For the purposes of CRPU National Ace Awards, these terms mean the same thing.
The requirements for each race, and how the respective Unirates are calculated depend on how the awards are defined, and are described for each different award, on the awards page. Click on "Awards" menu above to reach the awards site.