For the 2012 race season please see that menu under awards, please note the regular smile 2011 2012 National Ace Awards Application form regular smile 2011 is new for the 2012 race season with updated awards criteria for 2012.  This form lists the criteria to be used in calculating each National Ace Award for the 2012 race seasons.

Please email us with any feedback, (for  the 2012 race season, we are going to work on automating the process a little more to continue to improve turnaround time in posting awards and results – all with the same (small) amount of volunteer resources we have working on this.) Here is a the link to the latest 2012 race results 2012 Race Reports Database.    Encourage every club you know to participate in the CRPU awards, by emailing their valid txt race results in winbird or winspeed format at to raceresults@crpu.ca  .   See the menu item "Uploading Race Results" for more info.