10008 - Versele-Laga Combi-Mix 4kg
10008 - Versele-Laga Combi-Mix #2

Versele-Laga Combi Mix – 4 kg


  • all natural grit mixture alternative
  • Item no longer available – order now, while supplies last
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SKU: 10008
Size: 4 kg
– a mixture of natural products: oystershells, seaweed, gastric grinding stones,
  loam, redstone, and health seeds
– out goes that clutch of little pots on the loft – here is your total supply in a single preparation
– Combi-Mix should be made available all year round as part of the daily diet.
– fill a tray or a dish with a few tablespoons of Combi-Mix for every 10 pigeons
– refresh daily