Versele Laga Pure 500g


Versele-Laga B-Pure   Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a very valuable food
– top quality dried brewer’s supplement thanks to the high level of essential amino acids and the
yeast enriched with vitamins wealth of vitamin B, minerals and trace elements.    
SKU: 10011                  
Size: 500 g   In addition to the top quality yeast, B-Pure also contains a balanced
        amount of vitamins which the pigeon needs to regulate the biological
        processes in its body.        
SKU: versele-laga-pure-500g.



– increases the condition                
– increase the training drive in youngsters            
– mix 1 tablespoon of B-Pure with 1 kg of grains, which have previously had 1      
teaspoon of garlic oil poured onto them            
– once a week all year round              
– make fresh daily                


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