Versele-Laga Garlic Oil



Versele-Laga Garlic Oil Garlic (Allium Sativum) is probably the most commonly used plant
SKU: 10010 throughout history because of its broad health promoting function.
Size: 250 ml
Garlic contains unique and high active sulphuric bounds, the main
one being allicin. That is also the source of the plant’s healthy
– promotes the condition
– ensures better circulation of the blood through the body
– improved function of the respiratory system and the digestive system
– 1 teaspoon per kg of grain in combination with B-Pure
– in the winter, breeding and racing seasons, 1 day a week
– in preparation for the racing season, for 1 whole week
– moulting season, 2 days a week
– make fresh daily



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