Versele Laga All in One


Versele-Laga All-In-One                  
– Complete Mineral Mix                  
SKU: 10017                    
Size: 4 kg                  
– promotes health through the rich and balanced composition of natural ingredients      
– rapid intake by the pigeons thanks to the tasty “Sneaky Mixture” small seed mix and eggfood    
– best remedy for squeakers suffering from diarrhoea            
– pigeons have shiny plumage and look healthy            
– mixture of minerals, vitamins, salts, grit, redstone, stomach gravel, small seed mix, conditioning seeds,  
coral algae, brewer’s yeast, eggfood, clay and plus I.C.+ extruded pellets        
– breeding period: one teaspoon in the hatchery trough everyday          
– racing period: provide freely in the loft, refresh daily            
SKU: versele-laga-all-in-one.

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Weight 12 kg