President’s Message 2016

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Dear Members,

Breeding for everyone is now in full swing and some are getting ready for the start of the old bird season, all the best to everyone. Just to let everyone know we are looking for more advertising for the CU magazine whether it be one loft races, club advertising or selling your pigeons or your loft and birds. We are always looking for Canadian scribes to write articles on their area, their racing methods etc… they are always welcome in the CU magazine. Well I think we have gotten a lot done over the last while bringing in new product to the store and  the CU magazine along with a one loft race for our members and looking ahead to 2018 to hopefully have a convention if all goes well in which I believe it will. Also I am happy to say all the board is running again and I must say that they are all a good bunch to work with and are all hard workers. I would also like to say that the board hopes to have a new board member from the eastern Canada before the year is out.


Brad Foster

Your CRPU President.