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Dear Members,

The new year is here already and for some breeding has begun and racing is not that far off. As everyone is now aware there are sick pigeons everywhere around the world from wild birds dying in Ireland from pox and in parts of England to the troubles in the USA.  There is also birds dying here as well so don’t be fooled by thinking there is no problems here, If you have problems get your birds tested that is the best way do not guess, also keep vaccinating your birds for PMV.  if you don’t have vaccine ask around it can be found here in Canada or ask your vet they may help you.  We need to keep vaccinating our birds all it takes is a problem and it could be you or anyone else. Our store is now well stocked for the breeding season. Our membership is up from last year and this is a great start to 2017 and I hope it continues.

Yours in the Sport,

Brad Foster

CRPU President.