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June 27, 2017



Dear Members of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union,

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union received notice Brad Foster and Mike Taylor resigned their position as president and vice president on June 20th without notice via email and also posted on the social page. The board was blindsided by these events and cannot comment on this at this time.

The CRPU board will continue to work together to keep the CRPU a viable asset for the sport across Canada. The Board announces Chris Watson (western director) as the new CRPU President and Jeff Hall (eastern director) as the new CRPU Vice President for the duration of the 2017 term.

We thank Chris and Jeff for their contributions and for graciously accepting these positions on the board as we continue to promote pigeon racing in Canada.

Thank you for your continued support we appreciate your patience during this transition.


Canadian Racing Pigeon Union

Board of Directors

President: Chris Watson

Vice President: Jeff Hall

Treasurer: Al Gauvin

Secretary: Sue Wiltshire

Western Director: Ken King