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Wow 2018 already here and the CRPU Board is getting excited about promoting this great sport all across Canada.    We are excited to have no empty seats at the table. As volunteers there are lots of jobs to do. I know the CRPU has been quiet for a while BUT it is time for us and our members to get excited about the sport. Ask what can I do? Well thanks for asking. This sport can be a great family sport, retiree hobby or for someone who has a competitive spirit. The one thing you can do is share and educate.  People get excited about things others are excited about. Let’s get out there and get excited. The CRPU has flyers and booklets available for handouts.  

We have formed  committees lead by the CRPU board members. If you would like to get involved with the different committees such as promotions, sharing pictures stories in our CRPU PigeonPost or if you are a writer and would like to contribute to our magazine we would love Canadian content. Working together we can do so much. Teamwork makes the dream work!  Think about what you can do to help promote this sport. We would love to hear from our members in Western Canada and Eastern Canada. Check out our Facebook page for  updates and watch your email. We want to keep in touch with our members.

CRPU Board of Directors