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Wow June is here and they say time flies, well so are the birds. Old Bird race season is well underway all across Canada. Good luck to every flyer and here is wishing you lots of wins. The summer edition of the CRPU PigeonPost will be out in the next few weeks. We hope you are enjoying the magazine. The publication is put together by the CRPU Board and we thank them for their efforts. If you wish to send an article, advertisement, pictures or anything else please send them to 

Young birds are starting to be trained and with that comes the lost birds. Please be vigilant in returning calls or emails in regards to your lost bird. These birds are everyone’s responsibility. Please if you are asked to help the public with lost birds please get on it.

The CRPU has brochures and information if any member would like to hand them out. Please call the office and Denise will send you a package. Education is the key to getting new members to join the sport. Special thanks to everyone who takes the time to share the sport. Setting up a booth at your local fair, release at a local school gives an opportunity to share the sport or even just handing out a brochure will get the conversation started. Think about what you can do to promote pigeon racing in Canada. So many say it is one of the best kept secrets. Let’s get out there and share the sport. 

There have been fanciers asking if we could bring back awards. Due to volunteers we were unable to continue with awards. A special thanks to Mr. Mike VanderJagt of Port Colborne for volunteering to take care of the awards. Starting this year we will have awards again. Please watch the CRPU PigeonPost for al the information and also the application forms. We know not all members can take part in the awards  due to clocking limits but we want to start somewhere. If you have other ideas how we can implement an awards program for all members. Please submit your ideas to 

Thanks so much for your support to the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union. Working together we can continue to promote this great sport we all love. Good luck with your race season. 

CRPU Board of Directors