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This site was designed to serve our members, as well, to inform the general public about our wonderful hobby. For more information about our hobby, click on “Our Sport” in the top menu. Please click on “Our Sport” in the top menu

Please note new store hours during pandemic  Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-2:00  effective immediately. Saturday 10-1 for feed pickup only. During this pandemic no one will be allowed into store. For anyone purchasing product you must pre order and let Denise know when you are dropping by to pick up. Items will be placed outside door for pickup. We need to ensure our frontline workers are safe and we follow government protocols. Thank you.    

Please note Al will be available on Saturdays from 10-1 for feed pick up only. Please let Denise know if you are coming on that day and prepay for your order. If you do not call ahead and just show up chances are there will be no one at the store. This is for feed pickup only.  

COVID19 Pandemic  The CRPU is adhering to all protocols setout by Health Canada. The store will remain open for essential needs of our birds. Please make sure if you are unwell or have been out of country in the last three weeks stay away from the store. There will be protocols in place to protect our frontline worker. No social gatherings should be allowed during this time. We ask all clubs and combines to NOT hold any race meetings in regards to the upcoming race season. Please be prepared to cancel the race season if Health Canada continue to implement these protocols. Many of our members are 65 and older and this virus has proven to be deadly to many seniors. Social distancing is the rule of the day please adhere so we are not placed into lockdown.   Please all clubs and combine adhere to these rules set out. As the federal body for the sport we will be watching to make sure this is taken seriously. If you have any questions you can contact the CRPU Secretary to discuss. This is an important notice please adhere we all would love to have our race season but right now it is on a day to day basis only.  


Band orders Due March 31 forms available below:

2021 Band Order Form Page 1 of 2
2021 Band Order Form Page 2 of 2

We have added a Beginner’s Guide to the site under “Our Sport”. This is the perfect starting point if you want to join the sport.

The CRPU Board understands many clubs in Canada have purchased the Winspeed program from the AU. The AU will no longer support the Winspeed and is changing to ewinspeed. With this program the AU is requesting everyone using the program purchase  membership for everyone within the club or combine and use AU bands or pay $1.00 per band for international bands. The Board of Directors has formed a race software committee to work to get a program in place for the 2021 race season. The winspeed program will work for this race season but going forward there will be no support from AU for the program. We are working to have a program in place to demonstrate at the 2020 AGM and for members to vote on. Thank you for your continued support to the CRPU.

If you know someone who has racing pigeons but is not a member of the CRPU please contact them and ask them to join the CRPU your support helps us to promote the sport.. The CRPU is the heart of the sport. Remember it is for the members as we take care of bylaws, mediate, plus so much more. Join us today!

Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Incorporated

Please note bands purchased from off shore markets or a place not recognized by the CRPU should not be placed on birds which will be in competition. Based on our rules this is an offence and clubs and combines as well OLR should have due diligence in this matter. Let’s keep the integrity of the sport and play fair. If you are able to obtain bands prior to the first of January this makes it unfair and gives a breeding edge and is not fair to those who purchase their bands through the correct channels. The few cent savings is not worth it to the sport and the monies from the sale of the CRPU bands helps us to promote the sport. Please adhere to the rule and purchase bands from the CRPU or a recognized union or federation. If you order bands from other recognized unions please make sure the bands are registered with the CRPU before you put the birds into competition. Please make sure the CU name is not placed on any off shore market bands as the name is a registered trademark and using the name will bring legal  action to anyone found in offence. Please help by reporting any such bands to the CRPU if you know of someone doing this. Let’s work together to keep the integrity in the sport. 

Check out our online store or call Denise for all your pigeon product needs. 519-842-9771.

There are members who change their phone number and forget to contact the CRPU to update our files and lost bird database. Please contact head office to update our files. 

The CRPU PigeonPost is sent out quarterly to all paid members of the CRPU. Please make sure we have your correct info on file.

Lost Birds are everyone’s responsibility let’s work together to get these birds back home to their lofts!

Our store is open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 for all your pigeon supplies. Please give Denise a call or check out our online store.


Thanks to all the members who continue to promote this sport with social pages such as facebook allowing members to share this great sport. Please remember to keep good sportsmanship at all times. We want the public to know our members adhere to the principles and practises set forth by the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union. Thanks to all our members who support this organization.


The race result page is now ready for posting. Please upload your results and we will get them posted for you.

Come fly with us!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are honoured that you have taken the time to check us out. We are a union dedicated to promoting the sport of racing pigeons. Are you interested in finding out how you can be a part of this great sport. We can help you get started by linking you with a local club within your community. Do you enjoy taking care of animals? Do you enjoy friendly competition? Do you want a hobby that the whole family can take part in? This could be just the hobby for you. Pigeons are one of the most underrated species. Some interesting facts are:

  • The stock markets of the world used racing pigeons until 1966 to get the news of the day trading from one city to another.
  • Today racing pigeons are used in humanitarian efforts to fly blood out of the deepest jungles in Africa to be tested for the aids virus.
  • That Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II alongside her love for horses and corgi dogs she also races pigeons from the Royal Lofts at Sandringham.
  • That racing pigeons have been known to fly 700 miles in a single day.
  • That many major world armies still retain their racing pigeon flocks.

If any of these have triggered an interest, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to assist in helping you to begin. Our members are the best and they would love to share this great sport with you.   Keep your eyes on the skies!

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