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The CRPU has been contacted by OMAFRA in regards to the outbreak within the Oxford/Waterloo area. We are working with them to make sure we abide by the rules that the CFIA has enforced in regards to racing pigeon and the avian flu. Although, we as racers do not consider the racing pigeon as poultry, this is a different story with the CFIA. The pigeon is classified under poultry and far as they are concerned we need to abide by the same laws set out by the department. Anyone in the zone must NOT move birds out of area or into area, no sales or shows, also no pigeons can loft fly, train or race. All birds in the zone must be kept within the confine of the coop. When the all clear is given for this area, we will post this on the website.

We have received a recommendation from the OMAFRA (Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) asking the pigeon fanciers in Ontario to refrain from shows, sales, training, as well as racing until the quarantine is lifted. This is precautionary recommendation as they feel we could be promoting the spread of the flu from the feathers and the feet of the pigeon. As this is a recommendation, we are asking that all pigeon fanciers, please use your own discretion. We will be monitoring this everyday as new information becomes available.

Please make sure that everyone is extra vigilant at this time with their birds. The ministry states that the migratory birds are the ones at this time bringing the avian flu to this area. Please make sure that you do not accept any birds from the quarantined zone and watch for any sickness within your own loft. The address for information in regards to this matter is available at http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/poultry/smallflock.html.


Band orders need to be ordered before May 31. Please click HERE for the form.


The Board of Directors would like to welcome our newest board members for the 2015-2017 interim. We welcome Tom Longhurst of the Tri County RPC. and Mike Taylor of the Borden RPC. We know that Tom and Mike will be a great asset to the CRPU. Ken King has returned from his European trip and we are grateful that Ken has decided to stay with us for another term. His expertise is invaluable. Thanks to Terry Humberstone, who has taken the time to continue to help us with the transition. Thanks to everyone who volunteers their time for this great sport. As a member you also can contribute. Let us know your ideas and comments your input it important. Send us an email. You can find the email address on our contact page.

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